From the moment of discovery of a promising new drug or medical device, to the actual delivery of product to the market, virtually every step in the process involves compliance with federal regulations - the FDA, a fact of life that makes time a relentless adversary.

EHKrohl Consulting, Inc. helps companies reduce the time it takes to put their products on the market by educating and assisting Quality Assurance personnel in implementing FDA Compliant Quality Systems.

We specialize in assisting pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biologics, medical device, and their affiliated industries with auditing relative to Good Clinical Practices, GCP, Good Laboratory Practices, GLP, and Good Manufacturing Practices, GMP.

EHKrohl Consulting, Inc. works closely with a client's quality assurance staff and management, forming a strategic partnership, dedicated to ensuring that your firm meets FDA regulations.

Once the EHK / client partnership is in place, a reduction in cycle time for the FDA approval process can be achieved, leading to a competitive advantage in the marketplace.